The need for an absolute Reduction in single-use packaging use is abundantly clear.

Ocean bound plastic is set to triple by 2040 unless radical action is taken. Reuseable & Refillable packaging are widely agreed as the best solution but there are lots of barriers to making this the norm.

Founded by Beauty Kitchen’s sustainability pioneers, Jo & Stuart Chidley, ReRe is a buy anywhere, return anywhere, reuse anywhere alternative to single-use packaging.

ReRe enables retailers, brands and consumers to switch to Reuse & Refills across a wide range of products from milk to moisturisers and pasta to protein.

The ReRe whole-system approach enables much needed change:

  • retailers sell products in smart Returnable packaging that can be Returned for reuse.
  • brands switch from single-use packaging to leased Returnable packaging in the knowledge that it is safe & circular.
  • consumers buy the products they want, where they want in packaging that they pay for once, Reuse forever, Reduce plastic & earn Rewards

ReBottle – smart returnable packaging as a service that brands lease, consumers use and return for reuse.

Return Stations – in thousands of locations to return empties and get a coupon for another ReBottle.

Rewards – consumers track their plastic savings, earn trees and save money.

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