Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! Just a quick note to say thank you so much for supporting our refill venture. We are now moving to the second phase of the trial in ASDA Middleton and Milton Keynes and changing to Prefilled products, making it even easier for you!

Why can I not refill my bottle in store anymore?

We learnt a lot from our refill trials and understand that the machines were sometimes not as quick and simple to use as expected. That’s why we have made your lives easier and now do the cleaning & refilling of the bottles for you.

How does the new process work?

You buy an already pre-filled bottle and use it at home as normal. Once finished, return to store and pop your empty bottle in a return point and collect your voucher. This can then be used for money off your next product purchase.

Is my voucher from my old bottle still valid?

Yes, you can still use your voucher to get £2/£3 off your next product purchase.

Do I need to keep hold of my bottle?

Once you have finished your product, we ask that you pop your empty bottle in the return point. Your bottle will then be taken to our washing facility to be cleaned, refilled and reused again and again!

Am I still making the same plastic savings?

Yes, by purchasing products in our reusable bottles, you are still helping to save exactly the same amount of plastic (82% for Persil and up to 77% for Personal Care products).

Do I need to pay anything extra for a pump?

Nope, all beauty and personal care products will all come with a pump which will make them easier for you to use!

Any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at