The ReBottle is a returnable bottle that is filled with your chosen product. You buy it, use the contents and return the empty to a Return Station.

It’s like the milkman… but you return your empties to your local store.

You only pay once for a ReBottle. Return your empty and receive a £2 coupon to use when paying for your next filled ReBottle.


Buy a shampoo (£5) in a ReBottle (£2) for £7 in total. You use the shampoo and return your empty to get a £2 coupon for your next Rebottle. Use the coupon to buy a body wash (£4) in a Rebottle (£2) for just £4! You just pay for the contents of the bottle… again and again and again.

Every ReBottle is unique. Scan the code on the base and you can start to track your impact and earn Rewards. You can see when the Rebottle was filled, how many times it has been reused, see the community impact and start to track your own impact.

We plant a certified tree for you when you Return for the first time, every 5th time and when you first join. From the very first use you are saving plastic and when you refill or return you are already reducing your carbon emissions compared to an equivalent single-use plastic bottle.